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Isolite dental isolation technology converges light, suction and retraction into one powerful tool that speeds procedures and improves the dental experience.

It is winning rave reviews and industry accolades because Isolite provides unprecedented control over the oral environment – isolating an entire quadrant in just seconds, while providing a safer more comfortable experience for patients.

Already in use at leading dental schools, military bases and government clinics, Isolite increases visibility and access – increasing efficiency on average 30% and helping your dental team become a powerhouse of productivity.

Isolite Systems provides special pricing to government and qualified educational institutions.

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For more information call us Toll-Free in the U.S. at 800-560-6066 or contact us directly at 805-560-9888 .

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Dental Teaching Facilities

  • Dental Schools
  • Hygiene Schools
  • Dental Assisting Schools and Programs


  • Military
  • Hospital
  • Clinic
  • Correctional Institutions
  • Other government sponsored dental program