Isolite review: Dr. Creaghe

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Traditional forms of isolation such as the rubber dam and cotton rolls are only the beginning. Isolite is the easy-to-use, minimally-invasive alternative giving you total control of the oral environment , so you can do your best dentistry. Easy to place and patient friendly, Isolite may be used on every procedure, on every patient, in every operatory.

What makes it so easy is a series of single-use Mouthpieces that’s actually softer than gingival tissue, so when it’s placed inside your patients mouth, it’s comfortable for them to tolerate.

The rest of the system attaches directly to your dental chair and consists of a power hose and a control head that connects directly to the Mouthpiece, allowing you to control the level of both upper and lower evacuation.

Isolite is so easy to use that you will establish it in your practice as the protocol for effective isolation.

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