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Restorations plus Isolite equals Happy

Predictable clinical outcomes with the tongue out of the way and moisture removed.

Decrease Moisture and Humidity

Moisture and humidity are not your friend when you are doing restorations. Using our systems allow you to remove all the moisture in the working area to ensure you maximize your clinical outcomes and reduce time consuming and costly redo’s. The best part of making this a standard of care in your practice when doing restorations is that you can feel comfortable knowing that you will have predictable clinical outcomes every time.

Enhanced Retraction

Whether you are using cotton rolls, dry angles, or your mirror to retract, it is always difficult to keep the tongue at bay in order have the proper retraction you need to complete your restorations. We recognize that probing tongues can comprise your work by getting in the way of your instruments or contaminate the working area. This is why we designed the mouthpiece to keep the tongue completely out of the way, tucked comfortably behind the mouthpiece. By removing the stress of potential contamination and accidental nick of soft tissue, you can fully focus on your procedures.

Increased Productivity

Clinicians are often focused on increasing productivity. Faster procedures are good for both the dentist and patients. You now have two hands focused on the working area without having to retract with additional devices or hold suctioning devices. We also removed the challenge and time it takes to place a rubber dam, giving your patient the same protection during the extraction while decreasing the amount of time they spend in the chair.

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