Safety Advantages of the isolite mouthpiece

Simply by using the Isolation Mouthpiece in a procedure, you immediately gain three significant safety advantages.  

  1. Tongue and cheek retraction and protection
    The Mouthpiece keeps the tongue out of the way, making it easier and safer for the dentist to work. It also retracts the cheeks and shields them from injury by the dentist's instruments. The patient's mouth is also retracted open by the integral bite block, allowing the dentist access to the oral field and the patient to relax their jaw.

  2. Airway protection
    The Mouthpiece also acts as a barrier to the airway. By preventing accidental aspiration of foreign bodies, the Isolite Mouthpiece further protects the patient's safety.

  3. Airway visibility
    The Mouthpiece is transparent, which allows you to clearly see the airway. This allows you to continuously monitor patients more effectively, ensuring continued safety during procedures. 

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