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We are proud to share some of the comments we have received from our customers regarding our products and technical support services. If you have a comment you would like to share, please send it to:

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Nothing reduces humidity like the Isolite System. Rubber dams and cotton rolls are great, but there is nothing that gives us total control over the oral environment in so many applications as Isolite. We couldn’t practice without it.

—Drs. Michael Melkers and Jeanine McDonald

The Isolite is definitely one of the best inventions in dentistry. It’s made not only my job easier, but patients love it and so does my assistant.

—Daniel Aneszko, DDS

I love the Isolite System because it creates a shortcut on our sealants! I can do four sealants in about fifteen minutes whereas before it used to take me 20 to 30 minutes. I also love having the light; I just love it. The cost of the mouthpiece is irrelevant because the system reduces time so effectively.

—Rhonda Brilla, RDA

There is not a better isolation system out there. I can show you a closet full of tricks that we have tried over the years. I can do a whole half of the mouth in one appointment.

—Bruce Cassis, DDS

I did a molar root canal (tooth #30) on a 15-year-old today with Isolite and no rubber dam. I had a completely dry field the whole time and there was no way I could drop a file down his throat! The tooth was illuminated so well that finding four canals was a breeze and I could see half the way down them even with my overhead light turned off. I gave a PDL injection…using the light injector on the buccal and then went straight to work. No lingual anesthesia was needed. This was just too good. Isolite is a time and people saver. This is a must-have product!

—Mark Collins, DDS

It’s amazing how it does so many needed functions so well...It’s perfect for my CEREC cases, and I feel better knowing the excess powder will be contained and sucked away. Knowing that the patient is protected while I work is a load off my mind. Access and visualization of the operating field are essential for a successful outcome of any procedure. The Isolite System makes this happen. It is truly a long-awaited invention.

—John A. Tomasino, Jr. DDS

Isolite helps with efficiency. I can knock out an entire quadrant. You have the light, the suction, better and access. I don’t know how in the world I did dentistry before without it, especially in difficult areas.

—George Hardy, DDS

The Isolite is wonderful; I love it! It makes sealants go really fast; in fact, I did 16 sealants in about 14 minutes! It’s also great for kids. It reduces gagging, and my sealants are extraordinary now; better isolation than ever. As a hygienist I absolutely love it because I’m always doing single-handed sealants. As for the assistants, when they use it they can double-book. They can deliver bleach trays or do impressions while the doctor is working.

—Brenda Knox, RDH

One thing I really enjoy about the Isolite is that I can work on the upper and lower quadrant of one side of the mouth without having to change out the rubber dam. I’m able to actually work faster and be more efficient with the Isolite, and my patients have tolerated it very well, which I have really enjoyed. It has enhanced the speed at which I can do dentistry, as well as the quality, because I can basically do twice as much without having to worry about the rubber dam. My assistants are able to do some other things, such as mixing materials and getting things ready while I’m working, which definitely helps.In terms of overall efficiency you can’t beat it!

—Grant Ringler, DDS

The other assistants and I liked our first Isolite system so much that we begged the dentists to get another one . . . The system makes my work so much faster and easier.

—Whitney York, RDA

The Isolite works unbelievably well with CEREC because we really need high-resolution images and any jaw movement makes it difficult to do that. With the Isolite system, the jaw is completely stabilized, and fogging mouth mirrors and retracting tongues are a thing of the past. I expect to see better results with bonded dentistry because I have never been able to control the oral environment as well as I have with Isolite. I have become completely dependent on the Isolite, I can’t think of a product that has had a more profound impact on my practice.

—Daniel Ross, DDS

We’ve used it on adults and kids. The Isolite has replaced the rubber dam with the added advantage it gives the patient security that nothing can get down their throat because everything is sealed up, and again biting down is easier than staying open … For air abrasion it works well too because the suction is right there and it prevents the sand particles from going down the patient’s throat.

—Paul Rubenstein, DDS

When I use the Isolite I can work much more efficiently and quicker. I don’t have to keep switching cotton rolls or suctioning. I can just move from tooth to tooth without interruptions.”

—Jason Prillwitz, RDH

It makes dentistry so much easier. I do a lot of laser work and I’m sure the Isolite paid for itself the first week I had it because I can perform procedures much faster. It probably knocks 25 percent off treatment times and it frees up my assistant so that she can be more efficient outside the mouth.

—Michael Thompson, DDS