How to place the isolite systems mouthpiece

To place the Mouthpiece within the patient’s oral cavity, first lubricate the patient’s lips with Isolite® Mouthpiece Lubricant or water. Moisten the Mouthpiece with air/water syringe. Instruct the patient to open wide.

Simple three step insertion process

Step 1

While folding the Mouthpiece's cheek shield forward toward the tongue retractor, gently slide the isthmus of the Mouthpiece into the cheek to avoid gag-sensitive areas. Continue moving the bite block toward the center of the mouth, just behind the anterior teeth. Be careful not to catch the bite block on the corner of the mouth.

Step 2

Move the bite block onto the occlusal surfaces of teeth, just distal to the mandibular cuspid. Instruct the patient to “rest gently” on the bite block; the patient does not need to bite down. Place the isthmus behind the maxillary tuberosity, resting on the retromolar pad.

Step 3

Tuck the cheek shield into the buccal vestibule. Tuck the tongue retractor into the lingual vestibule. Move the bite block distally if you require more vertical or lateral working room.

Isolite Mouthpiece placement is easy to learn and comfortable for the patient, but as with any technique, practice is the key to success. Every good professional develops his or her own preferred techniques, but the company recommends that practitioners first take the following three steps to familiarize themselves with sizing and placing Isolite Mouthpieces.

  1. Watch the instructional video about Mouthpiece sizing and placement on our video page.
  2. Try the Mouthpiece on yourself. Familiarize yourself with how the Isolite Mouthpiece feels in your own mouth. 
  3. Practice on staff before using in procedures. Make sure all of your team members are familiar with sizing and placement. We have "Express Learning" videos that will show you how in just seven minutes.