Isolite dental equipment


Our premier dental isolation device, the Isolite® Illuminated Dental Isolation System, provides two channels of continuous hands-free vacuum suction and shadowless intraoral illumination. The strong, ultra-lightweight Isolite Control Head Assembly is constructed of titanium, weighs only 2.5 ounces, and features first-of-its-kind LED technology.

One-step, time reducing system: Forget the rubber dam

A core buildup during endodontic treatment can be done in only one step and simultaneously deliver continuous throat protection, illumination, retraction and isolation.

Fingertip lighting control allows the clinician to select from five light intensity settings, including a “CURE-SAFE” mode for light-sensitive materials. The LED light source is rated for 5,000+ hours. Dual vacuum controls enable you to focus suction in either the upper or lower quadrant, allowing you to better control moisture and oral humidity. The Isolite integrated vacuum/power hose measures 6 feet long, is made of silicone, and connects easily to most standard high-volume ports in the operatory. The power adapter has an input of 100–240 volts; 50–60 Hz and plugs into a standard U.S. two-prong electrical outlet. 

One-year warranty

Computer controlled light stick

Computer controlled light stick with 5 - illumination settings plus cure-safe mode

What's included:

Accessory kit

- Includes Mouthpiece lubricant, Cleaning brush, Y-adapter hose, Suction line plug and O-ring lubricant.

Accessory kit

Isolite Power Supply

Isolite Power Supply

Isolite with power vacuum hose

Isolite with hose

Vacuum light pipes - Six (6) included

6 lightpipes

See for yourself! Implement Isolation Technique for 30 days, risk-free!

Every system comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and one-year warranty on all system components.

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