Emergency care dentistry equipment

Dental emergencies can rarely be predicted. Having a well-defined and practiced protocol around dental isolation and control of the oral environment empowers the dental staff to act appropriately when a medical emergency arises.

When patients are anesthetized, especially when multiple quadrants are involved, their ability to detect loose or foreign objects before they enter the patient’s airway may be compromised. Using proper Isolation Technique (IT) prevents dislodged objects in the mouth from being aspirated or ingested.

Isolite Systems' family of products gives the dental practitioner the additional oral control needed to address these time critical situations. Our products include:


Forget the rubber dam, this innovative, award-winning piece of dental  equipment takes it to the next level and beyond. THe Isolite provides shadowless illumination, continious suction, and stops dislodged objects entering the airway during emergency treatment due to its unique design. View the Isolite.


Two channels of continious hands-free vacuum suction make this a must-have tool for any dental professional delivering fast, effective, emergency care. Read more about Isodry dental equipment.


The Isovac delivers hands-free vacuum suction to the upper lor lower quadrant allowing total control over moisture and humidity, which is particualrly valuable when rapid treatment is required.


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